Monday, August 31, 2015


Where do you live?
In the dangerous frontier town of Milwaukie Oregon.

What do you do for work?
I'm a business manager for the non-profit screen printing shop New Avenues INK, by day. Promo soldier for 67 Music by night.

What do you do for fun?
Abstract painting. I love to create art and attempting to get what's in my head on to canvas.

Do you have any hobbies?
My new hobby is gardening and lawn care. Just bought a house, so...

Do you have any special talents?
You mean the kind that can be listed here? I have a talent for irritating folks, complicating simple situations, and losing my car keys.

How did you come to know STK?
Some may know that I own and operate a Celtic music company. We are always striving to bring the Pac NW Celtic community together wherever and whenever we can. It was doing some research online that I came across STK. I was very impressed with the fact that Portland had it's own modern utility kilt.

What has been your favorite event STK has hosted/vended?Always love the free beer nights you host, and love seeing you guys at the Portland Highland Games! I'm thinkin' I need another free beer night or just come visit you at your new showroom & hang out with ya.

What is your Favorite Feature of your STK?

Honestly, it's the durability. No need for delicate upkeep, you can just put it on and go. STK is fast replacing your favorite pair of jeans. Now it's your favorite kilt.

How may Kilts do you own? 

I have 2 STK kilts.

What is your favorite color?
Forest green and dirt brown. I've run a marathon in one and a 10k in the other. I dig both of the colors I have, But, I also dig seeing what other STK nation members do with their kilts. They might have colors I probably wouldn't get, but, the way they accessorize them rocks!

What secret thing do you put in your hidden pocket?
Usually just tens of thousands of dollars in cash. Really, my cell phone and my notes if I'm doing an interview or feature piece.

What do you carry on your bandoleer?
Mostly, my keys, knife, and STK pockets. I'm curious to see what other STK peeps carry on theirs...

What typically do you wear with your STK?
That's the great thing about an STK kilt. You can go with a t-shirt and converse (Like someone we all know, huh!) or really dress out, with the hose, flash, sporran, etc. And anything in-between. They're so versatile. I generally wear a button down shirt, Scottish hose, and my boots.

Where in particular do you wear your STK?
To many Celtic music events and concerts. To Highland games and festivals, to work, up to the corner store, to the DMV... Like I said, it's replacing your jeans.

What activities do you do in your STK?
Screen print, run, consume pints, conduct interviews, tempt my wife, meet friends, create abstract masterpieces, read, watch the tele, and more.