Sunday, October 11, 2015


Where do you live?Portland, Oregon

What do you do for work?
Co-own 67 Music, Celtic Media and Promotions with my buddy skOt Cranmore.

What do you do for fun?
Besides all the grand fun we have with 67, I love to see & hear live music. Camping, hiking, travel (I hope to do more of that) and just enjoying everything the Portland/Pacific NW has to offer us. We live in a great place!

Do you have any hobbies?
I live doing the creative stuff with 67, helping with the video work and assisting in creating/crafting stories for our audience.

Do you have any special talents?
Hmmm, well I can play drums & guitar, (though I almost never do-) maybe I should ramp that up too!

How did you come to know STK?
I believe it was from Two Kilts Brewing in Sherwood some time ago. I was in there & heard Chris & Alex talking about the Kilts they got from STK, so then I looked you up & the rest is history!

What has been your favorite event STK has hosted/vended?
Always love the free beer nights you host, and love seeing you guys at the Portland Highland Games! I'm thinkin' I need another free beer night or just come visit you at your new showroom & hang out with ya.

What is your Favorite Feature of your STK?I think the deep internal front pouch pocket. I love wearing a Sporran with a traditional Kilt, but sometimes a Sporran can be cumbersome-the large front pocket on the STK's are roomy & easier to access.

How many Kilts do you own?  What is your favorite color?
I'm up to four now, including my black STK with chrome rivets. More coming I'm sure…. Red's my fav color in general, my Hamilton Modern Tartan is gorgeous. I'll have to consider a red STK.

What secret thing do you put in your hidden pocket?
Nothing too secret or special- (sometimes the obligatory 'lil metal vessel….. ) I have heard rumor that up to four PBR pounders fit in there real discreetly haha!

What do you carry on your bandoleer?
I find it useful for business cards.

What typically do you wear with your STK?
A tee or something else super casual. That's what I love about my STK, one can go casual or dress-up looks great as well.

Where in particular do you wear your STK?
Usually pubs, but I've worn mine on vaca in Maui, or just to the store. You can wear these everywhere!

What activities do you do in your STK?
Aforementioned pub nites, concerts, sessions, anywhere really- that's a testament to how versatile the STK is.